Ishida launches tray sealer

2 May 2012

Ishida Europe has launched a brand new state of the art version of its market-leading QX-775 tray sealer. The new QX-775-Flex combines a compact design with high speeds for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) trays of up to 15 cycles per minute, try along with maximum hygiene and high quality pack- and product presentation.

The new upgraded model is suitable for any product type including ready meals, mind meat, clinic poultry, fish and salads. The system is also compatible with a variety of packaging applications including standard MAP, skinpack and shrink film applications.

The machine has been designed for quick and easy changeovers. Operators can simply change films and tools using automatic and quick release features. This is particularly useful and efficient for ready meal applications where product range and production volumes can fluctuate.

The tray sealer?s intelligent control system includes auto-set features for integrated film coding, gas mixing and analysing, allowing one button product changeovers. Its servo-driven motion delivers accurate and consistent tray handling at high speeds in order to maximise product throughput. The servo-controlled film drive ensures smooth handling of the film and accurate printing for integrated coding systems.

Product quality features include the ability to disable a sealing head in the event of a sealing head error. This allows the traysealer to continue running and automatically adjusts the tray feed to suit. The smart belt system will alert operators to out-of-spec packs or misplaced products or trays, enabling corrective action to be taken with no damage to product or sealing tool. An integrated gas mixing system creates MAP packs, while a gas analyser within the tool samples the gas at every cycle and automatically stops the system if the wrong mix is detected.

The QX-775-Flex?s open design allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance. In particular, self-draining curved surfaces, the absence of exposed cables or motors and easy-to-remove belts and conveyors allow a fast and comprehensive wash-down. Quick-release belts and conveyors also minimise downtime for product changeovers.

The tray sealer offers a high return on floor space through its compact design and high output capability. It can also be easily integrated to form part of a complete packing line.

The QX-775-Flex forms a central part of Ishida?s recently introduced Flex Line flexible tray packing system concept which enables a variety of individual units including tray denesters, multihead weighers, fillers, foreign body detection systems, checkweighers, seal testers, label inspection and end-of-line handling modules to be easily integrated to meet the precise packing requirements of individual companies.

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