Hamburger chain having difficulty convincing Poles

2 May 2012

Max hamburger

The Swedish Max hamburger chain, try medical which claims to be the oldest hamburger chain in Europe, doctor no rx is having difficulty entering the Polish market finding it already swamped by McDonalds. The Swedes base their USP on being more ecologically pro active and reducing fat. They even claim that following their diet could be a way of losing weight, tadalafil similar to what Taco Bell is attempting to persuade Americans.

In Sweden and Norway the chain has had success with its pro green policies and can compete with McDonalds on a level footing. It has been in business since 1968 and is still owned by the same family who started the company, indeed the founder Curt Bergfors, is still active in the company as Chairman of the Board.

Its green policies are clearly not the greenwashing one can frequently see on this portal and others. This is a company that clearly seems to practice what it preaches. Restaurants are at least partially powered by the sun, wind and geothermal energy. It also offers clients an electric point for recharging their cars. We were unable to find out what its policies on packaging are but no doubt will be able to report back on that one later.

As far as Poland is concerned, the company originally intended to be present as from last year and no market entry is likely this year either. The problem is one of finding franchise holders. In fact it is no more than common sense, why should anyone become a franchise holder of a company that next to no potential customers have heard of when for a similar amount of cash they could hold a franchise for McDonalds. As a clear example, going back to 1995, there was a Polish hamburger outlet in Szczecin called Mic and Mac. Their main outlet in one of the main streets of that town was invariably almost empty. However when McDonalds took it over the situation reversed completely even though there was no noticeable change in pricing.

As for Max, then the route forward is clearly to invest its own money in directly owned restaurants, build up some market presence and customer awareness and once again look at finding franchise holders. Whereas Poland may be a growing market, not everything works there as Taco Bell and Dunkin Donuts found out to their cost.

Photo: Max claims that its hamburgers contain no GMO, no trans fats, no antibiotics and no growth hormones.

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