Czechs want to ban the import of Polish food

2 May 2012

ogorki kiszony

The Czech agriculture minister, prostate Petr Bendl, purchase appeared yesterday on television in that country to say that he wants the next EU summit to discuss the possibility of allowing his country to ban the import of food from Poland. The ban is related to the alleged use of industrial salt rather than edible salt by certain Polish food producers. Bendl claims that the Polish side is being slow on providing information on who is doing this and believes that there is a risk to those who consume Polish manufactured food.

The first request for information from the Czechs was one month ago.

The Polish agricultural ministry claims that it is up to the public prosecutor to supply this information and that organism refuses to release any information at all. The agricultural ministry further claims that the Czechs asked for a list of Polish producers of industrial salt.

The Makro network has banned the sale of Polish pickled cucumbers from its stores in the Czech Republic as it says that they contain an acid which is banned in that country.

If the Czech Republic were to ban the import of Polish food then it would face EU sanctions. Nonetheless a formal ban is unlikely to be necessary. With all the publicity given in the Czech Republic to this matter, levitra then few people are going to buy Polish food products in general, never mind those that may or may not contain or not contain industrial salt. With this in mind it is now up to those Polish producers who export food products to the Czech Republic to put pressure on the authorities to give the Czechs what they want.

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