Poultry sector strong in Belarus

30 Apr 2012

The Belarussian chicken sector has seen dramatic growth over the past year both in meat and egg production. In the first two months of this year alone, cheap meat production increased by 17 percent. It is also a major export product with egg exports up ten percent last year when compared to 2010 whilst meat exports tripled.
Production last year of both meat and eggs was higher than it has ever been and for the first time ever it has overtaken pork production. Many people still keep animals for their own consumption and these figures are not contained within the official figures. It probably goes without saying that the number of hens in private ownership outweighs the number of pigs many times over.
Russia is the main export market. In the opinion of the publisher of this magazine, viagra sale Russian eggs are ?unbelievably bad with the colour of the yolks closer to green than any other colour.? With Russia occasionally finding excuses to ban products from certain EU countries then Belarussia should be able to fill the gap although whether it can compete with the EU with its massive subsidies is another question.
The government in Minsk is actively encouraging the growth of the chicken sector. It hopes to increase exports to 100,000 tonnes within four three years from the current 75,000 tons. Last year it exported 609m eggs.

Photo: Some unusual egg packaging from Belarus

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