Lid warns if coffee is hot or cold!

30 Apr 2012


A rather odd ‘smart’ lid is becoming available in Europe. The manufacturers claim that this lid shows the temperature of the coffee and in theory should warm the drinker if the coffee is too cold or too hot. As recent articles in this publication have shown, the food service business is growing very strongly but whether there is demand for a lid that changes colour is yet to be seen.

Smart Lid is produced in Australia. GroupOne Solutions have a dedicated sales team to introduce the Smart Lid to the foodservice industry in Sweden, with online sales available in the coming months.

The Smart Lid may be the only hot beverage packaging to offer a visual indication of the contents, changing in colour from a dark to a bright red with the application of heat. With the significant selling benefit of showing those who first pick up the hot beverage whether or not the lid is securely attached properly to the cup.

“Our European expansion continues with the planned introduction of the Smart Lid into the first Scandinavian country”, said Nick Bayss, Managing Director of Smart Lid Systems.

“With this area of Europe having some of the highest consumption of coffee we are enthusiastic about our technologies adoption by the Swedish market”, Mr Bayss added.

Smart Lid Systems (Australia) claim that they have already signed exclusive distribution to companies covering over 30 nations, and there will be further announcements in the forthcoming months as additional distribution plans for Europe are finalised.

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