Tester detects leaking cans before appearing on the supermarket shelves

30 Jun 2010

Helium reveals leaking cans
Compared to conventional testing equipment this new leak tester is more accurate and will reveal even the smallest leaks. The compact and hygienic test unit is fully integrable with existing production lines and line control, drugstore and by means of vacuum and helium, doctor even nano-
sized leaks can be detected in the cans. According to Sales Manager, Per V. Rasmussen, Jorgensen Engineering was contacted by the customer to find a method for a quick and re-liable spot checking of full cans with milk powder. And mind you, the production speed is 300 – 400 cans per minute.

- “We took up the challenge, and in close cooperation with the customer we developed a system, which uses the inactive gas helium as tracer in the full cans in a non-destructive test. Technically, we expose the cans to a strong vacuum and utilize the unique ability of helium to penetrate even the smallest cracks and flaws. If helium is detected outside the can, a leak signal is given for further inspection and localization of the leak”, Per V. Ras-mussen tells.

Several applications
- “We are market leaders worldwide in handling and packaging of milk powder and we ex-pect a niche potential for our new leak tester”, says Jorgensen’s Marketing Manager, Jesper Johansen. “The first machines have already been installed, but we are not resting on our laurels, meaning that we will use our experience with leak tracing in full cans to detect holes in empty cans as well. This new application will among others be interesting for can produc-ers who demand to optimize their quality control”, Jesper Johansen finishes.

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