Good results for Alpvision

6 Mar 2008

For the fourth consecutive year AlpVision SA has recorded a strong increase in its results for 2007, pills both in turnover and net profit. These results come notably from worldwide deployment of solutions for the protection of more than a billion pharmaceutical and mass market consumer products.


Founded in 2001, sick AlpVision is solely focussed on the supply of turnkey solutions which are based on digital analysis of images and the detection of signals that have a very low signal to noise ratio. The patented Cryptoglyph technology, covered by more than 30 patents issued or pending, creates patterns of dots 10 to 20 microns in size which can be hidden on packaging and are impossible to reproduce. The printing technique requires only ordinary inks and equipment such as offset, rotogravure, flexography, inkjet and laser. The Cryptoglyph is integrated into any printed material used in folding boxes or blister packs. No modification of the original document or packaging design is necessary and production flow rates remain unchanged.

For durable goods, such as watches, jewellery, mechanical parts or electromechanical components, AlpVision offers read-only solutions which cannot be falsified. These solutions enable identification of originals through image capture of the object in normal light, followed by analysis of the result in comparison with the manufacturer’s product database.

The detection instruments for both packaging and objects are simply office scanners or digital cameras, including mobile phones, available on the consumer goods market.

AlpVision supplies licenses for the complete range of tools necessary for management of a global policy to combat counterfeiting and identify grey markets. These solutions are managed directly by the manufacturer. They meet the requirements of the US health authorities with respect to pharmaceutical products (FDA 21 CFR part 11 ERES and FDA Revitalization Act S.1082).

Customers consider that key factors in the success of AlpVision’s solutions are that they allow manufacturers to independently manage their global policy for protection of branded products and they neither modify the production process nor diminish its flow rate.

2007 proved to be a signal year for the acceptance of AlpVision’s solutions by leaders in the pharmaceutical and mass market consumer products industries which count among the 100 largest companies in the world. The turnover increased 42% compared to 2006 and the resulting operating profit (EBIT) amounted 2.3 million Swiss francs (2.2 million US dollars), a 83% increase over 2006, thus assuring the means to internally finance the further development of the company.

The outlook for 2008 is already excellent. The company is postured to continue the progression of its production protection in all mass market sectors, notably in pharmaceuticals as well as in durable goods.

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