Steady growth for AlpVision

3 Oct 2007


The Vevey, doctor Switzerland based company has developed Cryptoglyph, a unique and patented digital technology, which is seen by the market as a real breakthrough compared to solutions involving additional security features such as special ink, hologram or DNA taggant.


Using advanced digital imaging technology which allows detecting a very low signal in high noise environments, AlpVision solutions use standard printing processes (offset, rotogravure, inkjet, laser, flexo) and standard packaging manufacturing equipment to print micro dots invisible to the naked eye which are impossible to replicate. This makes Cryptoglyph the most effective brand and document covert protection solution and the easiest one to deploy within existing production lines.


Founded in 2001, AlpVision is profitable since 2003 showing a steady growth in revenues generated by both document protection solutions accounting for 52% of its turnover and brand protection solutions for 48%. AlpVision 2006 financial figures show a 35% increase of its turnover compared to 2005 and a net income of 1.2 million Swiss Francs (1 million US dollars). End of first half 2007, the company had already signed a turnover equivalent to the total signed in 2006, on track for a new 30% or more turnover increase in 2007.


AlpVision has also disclosed recently a Read-Only technology, under the name of Fingerprint, able to identify solid objects through analysis of the intrinsic properties of the raw materials and manufacturing processes used. The watchmaking industry is first in line for industry roll outs.


Detection and authentication are performed via off-the-shelf standard flatbed scanners, camera phones or webcams using proprietary software running on any PC or PDA phone. Authentication can also be performed via an Intranet/Internet based remote secured server, commercialized under the Krypsos trademark.


Based on the cash resources available, the founders are confident they can continue to manage AlpVision’s growth and to grow the IP portfolio, which accounts now for 30 patents and patent applications worldwide. Today, hundreds of millions of products and documents are protected worldwide for multinational companies amongst the top 100 businesses in the world. With the current clients signed, the number of protected products and documents worldwide will exceed one billion by year 2008.

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