Coded holograms: keeping the supply chain secure

Everyone involved in the goods supply chain – manufacturers, distributors, consumers, taxation and government authorities – has learnt the value of security holograms and will be reassured by their...


Capri Sun

Plastic pouches threaten glass

The glass packaging market is set to grow in the next 10 years. However, glass packaging is facing increasing competition from rival packaging materials that are stronger, lighter and...


putin yanukovych

IMF bail out money to Ukraine may end up in Moscow

Yesterday the IMF agreed to a deal worth up to EUR27bn to bail out Ukraine – however some of this money could be pretty soon winging its way to...



Beer production increases in Poland

Beer production increased in February in Poland by nearly five percent when compared to February 2013. Production last year increased slightly although sales fell by two percent.  Beer sales are...



On line retail will almost double in five years

Planet Retail recently did a global survey of 15,000 consumers and has come up with six essential requirements needed to meet the demands and expectations of modern shoppers, particularly...



Retail sales improve in Poland

Retail sales in Poland increased by seven percent in February when compared to the previous month and 0.7 percent when compared to February 2013. Food sales were up by nearly...